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The Adventure

That is my pup, Davie, and I.   When he gets tired on our treks, he gets a free ride and loves it up there.   We explore the world together and enjoy being outdoors.  

I go by KO or Kimmie, both fitting of my personality, little crazy and full of life.


I am currently based in Madison, WI and looking to expand into more areas through traveling.


As a photographer, the world is my playground.  Capturing life moments in pictures and making them last forever.   I like being the photo sniper by capturing moments unknowingly and seeing the truth.  My favorite photographic experiences are a child’s party with expressions of pure joy, endurance events with poopy faces, and the love of family (pets and hoomans).


When you hire me, you won’t get the cookie cutter experience.   I will give direction but allow moments to just happen.   It is about capturing the spirit of the event, being pictures of your family, pets, sporting/endurance events or whatever else makes life amazing.   I will never work in a studio, instead travel to homes, parks, gyms, etc.


By hiring me to take pictures during an event, it will free you up to run your event and/or enjoy the company of your family/friends.  I will work my ass off to ensure the moments are captured and last a lifetime.

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